Some Tips to Install Body Spray Shower Systems

Some Tips to Install Body Spray Shower Systems

What comprises a luxurious bathroom often tends to vary from person to individual. A dream bathroom might include custom furniture, heated floors, a jetted tub, and a spacious granite-clad double vanity. The differences seem endless. But the detail that everyone tends to wish for is a spacious walk-in shower. 

Big stand-up showers with numerous body sprays are often on the remodeling house owner's want list. There’s just something about being drenched from head to toe that appeals to so many. Pair that with the relaxation of steam and the therapeutic feel of good water pressure against the muscles and your shower goes from simply a place to get clean, to a blissful oasis.

Shower body sprays contain several spray heads attached to the wall surface of the shower, in addition to the primary showerhead. These spray heads usually either appear like mini showerheads of flat panels, as well as job along with the primary showerhead to deliver an elegant shower experience.

Important Considerations

There are a few things to consider while searching for new shower fittings. Although all of the jets and options available might be overwhelming, selecting the proper fixtures is about more than what you like and how much you want to spend. Here are some more things to think about:

Water Pressure

Water pressure of 45 psi or more is required to run the body sprays correctly. Water supply pipes should be ¾ inches in diameter. The jets won't be able to offer the muscle-soothing massage that so many people want if the pressure isn't right.

Hot Water

Having extra water outlets in your shower implies you'll need more hot water during your showers. If you want to build a shower with several showerheads and body sprays, you'll probably need to upgrade your water heater. If you don't, you might go from a blazing hot shower to an ice-cold shock in seconds.

Water Usage

Your additional shower outlets will consume more water overall, regardless of temperature, in addition to consuming more hot water. This implies that if you're used to taking long showers, using one with many body jets may result in higher water expenses. It's a good idea to keep that in mind so that paying a higher water bill isn't a shock.

Shower Users

Body spray location, like showerhead arrangement, should take into account the height of the shower users. Adding many body sprays at different heights may provide for a wonderful, soothing experience...unless you're a tiny child. Lower body sprays are frequently installed at a height that is just right for spraying a youngster squarely in the face.

If you're replacing your shower in your master bathroom, you generally won't have to worry about where it goes. If this is for a communal bathroom, though, you'll want to consider everyone who will use the shower.


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